Sunday, November 9, 2008

belly pics

YAY! The babies room is finally complete. With the help of my parent's and the fact that I found a changing table yesterday we were able to get everything done. The room is so cute! This kid has everything he needs now and more. He can come anytime now and I'm ready. :) At least his room is ready. :) I'm still not sure about the me part. Anyways, we all went to church this morning and I got my dad to take a few pics of me and Dan. They didn't turn out very well but I'll post them anyways. I looked particularly huge today as well. Some days I do, some days I don't. Here's the church photos. I'll post the baby room pics later, I suddenly got very sleepy.

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Tammy said...

Hollys you look great and so does your mother. Tell her I said hey if you will. Keep me posted on the baby. Make sure Dan has my cell number so that you can call me as soon as you know something. (That's if I am on your important people to call list...which I better be Hollys!) :)