Sunday, November 23, 2008

family time

Saturday we got to spend time with Dan's family. His brother and his wife and their baby are here visiting so we all got to be together. This is our niece Elizabeth. Isn't she cute? She's 5 months old now and soon will have a little cousin to play with. Anyways, we had a nice day just relaxing and hanging around the house. In the pic below you can see the belly. I'm 37 weeks now, so my bag is packed and in the car. I'm feeling really good. I definately need my 2 days on the weekend though to rest up for the next work week. I plan on working up until so hopefully I will continue to feel as good as I feel. I've been so fortunate! I'll keep everyone updated on any baby news. This week I go to the dr tomorrow and then again on Wed to the high risk group since Thursday is Thanksgiving. Which I can't wait for! I guess Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, just something about it that seems so special.
Here's Dan getting his practice in for our own baby.

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