Monday, January 11, 2010

pooped out

wow, i'm exhausted. finn has been waking all hours of the night now for the last few weeks. we're pretty sure it's his teeth that are bothering him. he already had 8, 4 up top, 4 on the bottom, and he recently got his top 2 back teeth in. when you look in his mouth you can see where his gums are white like there's teeth there about to pop through. but seriously? what the heck? the 1st 8 came in so easy, we never had ANY issues with those. last night he was up every hour crying till 3am. i ended up on the couch at 3 & slept out there till 5. NOT enough sleep. i am so tired i don't know what to do with myself...i think he's slept 3 nights all night in weeks. now this is the child that started sleeping all night at 8 weeks right when mommy went back to work. i now know how it feels to be pretty much constantly tired. it gets tiring. :) can you tell i'm tired?? anyways, we are starting to try to let him cry them out now. he gets motrin before bed. he gets the orajel rubbed on his gums. i don't know what else to do, does any one have any suggestions? i will take ANYTHING!
other that the sleeping thing, he's been doing good. i gave him his 1st haircut last fri night. he was starting to look like joe dirt with a mullet going on. i actually am starting to look like him too. i need a haircut in the WORST way right about now. he's such a cute little dude when hes actually still enough for you to look at him. he's a ball full of energy & as the lady at the nursery said, "that one there's got some extra testosterone!" i thought that was funny. he's doing good in the nursery thank goodness. one of the things hes doing since his teeth are bothering him is to bite things. not mean or anything, just biting. your shirt, your jeans, the leather sofa.....strange, but i guess it feels good on his gums. i was nervous he would try to bite a little girl or something in the nursery & we would get kicked out. ;)
dan & i have been working like crazy. last week & this week he's had mandatory overtime. which means that he has been working 1-11 everyday. nice paycheck but wear on your body. i had 3 days of call last week where i had to work late each time & this week i only have 2. thank goodness! we are short of techs again, so we're all having to take a lot of extra call till the new people start.
this sure is a rambling post. i'm gonna wrap it up now & head to bed. and pray that finn will PLEASE Lord, sleep all night tonight. i desperately need it!

oh, here's a few pics of my little church going man--isn't he cute??

and this is my new cabinet i bought a few weeks ago. i finally got it today, so excited! whatcha think? you like it??

and yes i know my table is cluttered on top of random things, but come on? i work for a living....

:night night:

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Sally said...

Have you tried those Hyland's teething tablets? Those help Jackson. And if you're giving him Motrin before bed, what about alternating w/ Tylennol when he wakes up (as long as it's more than 2 hours after Motrin)...I know it's a lot of meds, but it might help get a full night's sleep.

I've also heard about kids getting ear infections when they teethe, any chance of that?

I hope you get sleep tonight and that little Finners gets some rest from a sore mouth!