Thursday, January 21, 2010

to tired to type

here is a look at this past week in some pictures. i have been sick as a dog & am just now starting to feel better. still coughing up a lung though.! auhh......

here's finn trying to sneak in the pantry..

helping clean mommy's floors..thank you!

we spent last sat night down in st augustine at my mother-in-laws. he loves him his shopping buggy!

made some uglies for dinner this week. yyuummmm!!!

finn getting ready to tear into them.(yeah right!) this kid has gotten so picky!

lost of snotty noses & slobber this week. what a lovely combo. :)

finally some nice weather to get outside & play!

lovely self shot of me. trying to relax on the patio while finn plays..

and i just like this shot of finn. not sure why, but i do.

so there! my weekly wrap done early, on a thursday.

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